Selection In Autocad

Selection in Autocad is done using the mouse (or trackpad).

To select multiple objects, hold the Shift button on your keyboard and select the different objects.

You can select using different methods:

  1. Click on an object
  2. Click in an empty area and draw a Window Selection.
  3. Click in an empty area and hold to draw a Fence Selection (or Lasso Selection).

Window Selection

Fence Selection (Lasso Selection)

Autocad offers two modes of selection:

Using the Green Window (with the dashed border)

Allows you to select objects just by touching any portion of the objects.

You can use a Green selection by clicking the mouse from right -> left.

Using the Blue Window (with the regular border)

Only allows you to select objects when you have the object fully inside the selection window.

You can use a Blue selection by clicking the mouse from left -> right.

To Deselect in Autocad:

  1. Click the ESC (escape) button on your keyboard. [I recommend double clicking Esc to deselect]
  2. Right-click with the mouse, and choose Deselect All

Side note:

Autocad has an option to make the selection "Additive" without the need to hold the Shift button. To activate this feature, head to the Options window by typing O + P + Return.

In the Options window, head to Cursor & Selection, and in the upper left corner, uncheck "Use shift key to add to selection" and click Ok.

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